The Counter Strike Score Board

Category: PC Published on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 Written by Long

One of the most common mistakes that new players make in Counter Strike is they don’t pay attention to the scoreboards. Scoreboards are available for each of the team members during the game and are updated in real time. They can be more important to fulfilling your mission and beating the round clock than communication between the players. If you know your team members and the game well, you can know what is happening to them just by how it reflects in the status displayed on the board. It also will show who drew the status of VIP and who has what weapons, including bombs.

Who is on Your Scoreboard and Why is it Important?

You will only be able to see the scoreboards for your team members. The scoreboards list all of their information, including their names. If you are playing with people that are unfamiliar to you, this can be the quickest way to familiarize yourself with their capabilities, inventory and status in the game.

Kills, Pings, Deaths and More

The scoreboard keeps track of everything about your character. It lists the number of deaths and kills you have scored, your health stats, inventory, status – such as whether or not you have a bomb or a VIP, but it also records your ping status. The ping status is what will show someone your rate of movement, and whether or not you can move at all. You can be out of sight of each other and still have an idea of what each is capable of doing.

Using the Information to Your Advantage

While you are in the round with the clock running you will be able to see the scoreboard for every member on your team. There are several reasons that this is to your advantage. For one, it will be the only way you may know who the VIP is and who has the bomb. If you are on the counter strike team it will also tell you the location of your team members and their condition. You don’t want to be formulating an entire plan based upon the presence of a team member who is hanging on by a thread. Should one of your team members die during the game their “ghost” will stay in the game and they will still be able to communicate with you. This isn’t just social; they could have some important information to impart as well.

How the Scoreboard Turns into Bonus Money

Every time you complete a map – whether you win or lose, the scoreboard is used to determine any monetary bonus you will receive. Don’t get excited, that means money in the game – not real life. You can use this money to purchase various items and upgrades to weaponry for your main character. You will lose points if you die or run out of time, but the number of kills you had and the role you played (such as a bomb carrier or VIP) will also influence the decision of the bonus algorithm.