Using Wii U to Improve Child Wellness

Category: Wii
Published on Sunday, 27 July 2014
Written by Long

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The Nintendo Wii system has been one of the few gaming system that has always put an emphasis on wellness with its games promoting physical activity using their sensor pad and motion control devices. With the Wii U there is more of an integration of other important aspects to wellness, such as engagement and social activity that could very well make it an important part of improving a child’s overall sense of wellness. What makes this so different from other kid’s gaming networks and games is that Nintendo is pioneering a triad of integration using the Wii U console as the system enabler that touches more of a child’s life in balance.

The Triad of Integration

The triad of integration includes physical activity, creative engagement and social stimulus. Wii U can use a handheld console, control pad or the sensor pad and motion devices used with sports and dance games. All of this tie into Nintendo Land and the Miiverse social network where players can talk and post scores and achievements to this closed network. By pushing all of these elements together, the use of an electronic device for entertainment becomes less isolating and more engaging.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

One of the most anticipated new games that is being released for Wii U is Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. By playing like your normal children’s adventure and puzzle game, the game incorporates the use of a stylus on the touch pad of the controller to bring in a new level of brain engagement and learning. The game itself is as well planned out and entertaining as most of the rest of Nintendo’s library, but it also makes use of the high definition graphics that define it to great effect. Your children will be playing, drawing and writing on the hand held device without realizing all the things they are doing that promote learning.

The Wii U Sensor Pad

The sports and physical activity games of the Wii U use both the sensor pad (made famous with Dance Dance Revolution) and motion controllers. The latest incarnations of these controllers has combined the motion sensors into the control pads so even when playing a basic sit down game, like Project Robot, body movement with the controller is used to enhance game play. As more and more studies show that children need more activity in their daily life, its introduction may be an ideal addition to their playtime schedule.


Miiverse is a closed social network available to registered players using Nintendo Land that allows players to communicate socially while in play. It is fully integrated into the Wii U system and allows for game results and achievements to be posted to the player’s timeline as well. This can promote better social skills and encourage less isolation in play. The fact that it is a closed network means it is also safer than other open networks on the Internet for children to use.