Now is the Right Time to Buy the Xbox One

Category: Xbox Published on Tuesday, 19 August 2014 Written by Long

Like every gaming system, there comes a time when you should avoid buying it and there is a time that you should take the leap and invest in the home gaming entertainment system; now is the right time to buy into Xbox One. Released towards the end 2013, the gaming system has been an industry leader in innovative gaming technologies and it is the home system for some of the most popular games around – such as Titanfall and Call of Duty.

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This is the home gaming system for serious gamers. You won’t be chasing fruits and veggies around, the majority of these games feature hardcore action and cinematic styling. Like all home gaming systems, the console has had its rough years, but these come when a gaming console is evolving. Now, Xbox One and Microsoft stand to take gaming into the future.

What Caused the Rough Year

It wasn’t all that long ago when industry analysts were wondering if all the great games in the world wouldn’t be capable of saving the console. Sales dropped and reviewers and customers complained that the system wasn’t delivering enough to merit the price it was asking. This was a result of Microsoft shifting a focus to try and include more streaming original content and to expand the appeal of the system. They did list the MSRP too high for people to feel comfortable taking the plunge, but with a few price adjustments and the release of a stellar upgrade package – it is reclaiming its place as a leader.

What the Upgrade Package Delivers

The coming upgrade package is going to deliver some key features that will enhance your game play. These upgrades include Blu-ray capability, low power indicators for your controllers and the ability to make mobile purchases. The range of apps available for the console now includes some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports.

Microsoft closed the Xbox Studios because they finally realized that to get the original and quality content they wanted to deliver, they need to focus on the platform and let independent and third party content creators do what they do best. You can now see YouTube, Hulu, Amazon movies, Netflix and Redbox media right on your Xbox One system. They also expanded its VOIP capabilities allowing for better gaming communication, and to make and receive calls using Skype.

Why Now is the Time to Buy

The latest generation of Xbox One comes bundled with Titanfall. This is the game created by the same people who made Call of Duty. In Titanfall, the gaming experience and overall game design are taken up a notch to use all of the revamped technology of the latest generation of the console. With the integration of the Kinect system and an Xbox Live Gold Membership, many of the newer games have integrative features you can activate to get an even more realistic experience within the gaming world. The upgrades will keep coming, but the console is ready to go now.